To reserve your booking we require 50% deposit, the balance to be settled before arrival. No deposit no reserved booking.

Cancellation: Two weeks in advance or deposit not refundable

Accommodation Rates: 2016 (all prices in Botswana Pula - BWP)

  • Camping for school/college groups – P95.00 per person
  • School / college groups that come for 1 - 4 days on cultural education  – P750.00 per person per day: includes 3 meals a day (accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner) – groups of 10 – 20.
  • Camping:   P150.00  per person – when you provide your own tent
  • Camping:  P250.00 per person (sleeps two – single beds) - Our tent and bedding
  • Traditional Huts: Sleeps two (single beds)  P350 per person per night
  • Rondavels: Sleeps 2  or 3 – P750.00 per night per person (includes breakfast and dinner)

Firewood: P35.00 a bundle

Activities: (Request for quotation)

We work with people who know their culture and history well and can organise for them to come to the Farm and give talks on different subjects. Groups can request a topic of their choice, not necessarily what we have noted below, these are just some examples:

Some topics:

  • Cultural values and practices
  • The HIV/AIDS situation  in Botswana;
  • The Gender Based Violence in Botswana
  • The girl/boy child issues in Botswana
  • Inheritance issues in Botswana
  • Marital issues in Botswana and many more
  • The history of the Kalanga tribe.
  • The link between culture and HIV/AIDS;
  • The link between culture and Gender based violence
  • The challenges of growing up in the village and the changing faces of modern life.

Facilities are very secure and clean.

Minimum of 4 people for specially arranged activities

  • Participating in traditional song and dance;
  • Traditional games;
  • Donkey cart and donkey rides;
  • Most of our buildings are built with soil and decorated with different coloured soils and no paint.  If interested we have ladies from the village who can come and show groups how it is done, and groups can participate in the decorating of traditional walls as well – P180.00 per person.

Traditional games @ P100 per person. - (booking in advance essential)

Contact Details:

Lucy Hinchliffe
Tel: +267 723 01363