• Traditional event (food, singing and dancing…a group of at least 40 – 100 people) – P650.00 per person (the Hossana dance (rain dance) one of the more interesting dances, a rain dance used to ask for rain and also to thank the gods for a plentiful harvest, is a very sacred dance and only a group that has been traditionally selected and trained can perform this dance….it’s an amazing dance and is only performed  in the northern part of Botswana), usually a group of  women and men are chosen by the Chiefs and the elderly in the region to go and sing and dance for the rain gods in one of the villages, they take presents and present them to the gods (Mwali) and sing and dance for long hours after which they will be told by a voice from within a rock to depart and after there will be a lot of rain (this is still practiced to this date).  The performance is overwhelming, and a must see!!  The northern  part of Botswana always has a lot of rain than the southern part of Botswana and the tribe believes it is because of these beliefs that they still follow: Other dances are Ndazula and Woso which also have different meanings;
  • San play, traditional song and dances that have many different meanings: a way to thank the gods for a successful hunt and plentiful rains, to cure the sick and to celebrate a girl’s transition into womanhood.

Should you want us to prepare a buffet and the amazing rain dancers and other traditional dancers you have to book at least 14 days in advance for a group of 20 or more (this will include someone who will explain fully about the ritual before, during and after the performance).

Events can be tailored to your requirements; the above is just an indication of costs.

Cooking for a group: simple traditional – P60.00 per person (4 - 20 people)
Traditional food buffet:  P120.00 per person (20 – 100 people)

Annual Events:

  • Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence In Commemoration of 16 Days of Activism  - first week of December – P250.00 per person
  • Zhizha Ikalanga Food and Music Festival (celebrating the harvest season, with traditional food straight from the field to the table), entertainment by Ikalanga rain dancers and more…an event not to be missed!! (last Saturday of May) – P250 per person.

We have managed these events mainly through sponsorship, which is always a challenge, especially with the Gender Based Violence, which we try to get as many rural communities to attend and participate.

These events although challenged by the lack of sponsorship, are always a great success and are very popular with people from the surrounding areas.

Day Trips

Day trips to places of interest in the area can be arranged, pricing will vary depending on the place to be visited and the number of people involved.

Transport prices:

Public minibus/Public Combi Taxi (can be arranged) to Francistown: P20.00pp (per trip)

  • Taxi: To/from Airport (if we arrange): P150-P200 for 1-4 persons per trip
  • Group transport: email us for a price.

Private Taxi owners tend to exploit and overcharge so be watchful

Contact Details:

Lucy Hinchliffe
Tel: +267 723 01363
e-mail: kumindaculture@gmail.com